The Greenroom Recording Studio

Producing over 200 album titles since 1993, The Greenroom continues to support independent artists by creating a relaxed, creative environment to to capture the best possible performance and crafting each song to the satisfaction of the artist and their audience.

Situated overlooking Bass Straight on the Central North Coast of Tasmania, beach side accommodation is available as a part of our service to those who travel to record with us.  It makes for a relaxed, creative, inspirational experience.


An Affordable Option For Your Next Project.

The Greenroom is more than a project studio.  With the desirable combination of a growing list of high end condenser, tube, ribbon and dynamic microphones, a  Class A analogue signal path, courtesy of our beautiful AMEK console and the digital signal path arriving via SSL convertors, The Greenroom truly brings a world class sound to your recordings. Get in touch with us via the contact page for details of how we might support your next recording project.